The Story of Aubree Says

I believe in big dreams. And I’ve always had a lot of them. For years, I’ve dreamed of building a happy, free-roaming flock of a family. Little ones, spaghetti-stained and giggling, sprinting from room to room. 

Family is our source of joy. Our sun. It expands our hearts,  it motivates us, it teaches us wisdom and demands patience. So much joy, so much freakin’ patience.

But our home matters, too. It’s the incubator. The sanctuary. The workshop and oven all at once. It’s the safe spot, with that firelight glow, that helps our family to thrive. A cozy home isn’t just pleasant — it’s important. When it feels like us, when it reflects us, it makes our family stronger.

I believe in big dreams. Aubree Says is one of them. We are setting out to make the kind of products that turn four white walls into cozy homes — for families of all kinds. So that you and your family can dream big, too.